Frequently Asked Questions

General Questions

1. What Services does seoarea offer? 
SeoArea is one of its kind as it offers a wide range of website marketing services- all from one platform. Services include:

Search Engine Marketing:

1. Search Engine Optimization
2. Web Marketing Research
3. PPC Management 
4. Link Building 
5. Social Networking and Web 2.0 Marketing
6. Video Production and Video Marketing
7. Local Marketing
8. Corporate Branding
9. Seo Consulting

Website Promotion:

1. Directory Submissions
2. Article Submissions
3. Social Bookmarking
4. Deep Links Submissions
5. Blog Submissions
6. Paid Directory Submissions
7. MySpace Promotion
8. YouTube Promotion
9. eBay Promotion
10. Press Release Distribution
11. FaceBook promotion
12. Affiliate Directories Submissions
13. Script Directories Submissions
14.Shareware Site Submissions
15. CraigsList Submissions 
16. Forum Posting Services 
17. WordPress Theme Submissions

SEO Extras:

1. SEO Friendly Web Design
2. SEO Friendly Web Hosting

To find out more about the services please visit our packages page.
2. What makes SeoArea different from other SEO service providers?
Unlike any other company, SeoArea focuses on all premium modules of website marketing. We offer it all be it SEO, link building, press releases, forum posting, directory submission, article submission, PPC management. The gurus at SeoArea are competent in all these key fields of website marketing, hence when we offer SEO or any of the related services, then we are offering quality driven, result oriented comprehensive service. No site on internet can boast all these services on one platform. Plus we have our own directory. To top it all we have forums where visitors can interconnect. SeoArea also offers lots of quality FREE SEO tools for everyone to use. We promise uniqueness, quality, good customer service and lastly RESULTS!
Our professionals take a lot of pride in their work and they would take out time to understand what you want, your business, your competition and work at it with complete dedication. Coz at SeoArea… we care!
3. What if I want a customized service which is not available in any of the packages?
Please send us all the details and we will come up with a workable customized SEO plan that´s just right for you!

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

SEO in General

1. What is this SEO?!?
Stop racking your brains. SEO is the abbreviation of Search Engine Optimization. This is the act of making a website search engine friendly. This process involves the guiding of the development or redevelopment of a website so that it will naturally attract visitors by gaining top ranking on the major search engines for selected keyword phrases. In simple words, SEO is what can make your site well suited, adjusted and optimized for search engines so that they can spider, crawl and index your site.
2. What are the benefits of SEO?
SEO has several benefits which have made it indispensable for webmasters to pay special attention towards it.
  • Search engine optimization is required to gain more exposure on the Internet. This helps to drive more good quality traffic to your site.
  • If properly done, and effectively maintained, your site should eventually reach the top of the rankings for your keywords. 
  • 90% of Internet buyers are turning to search engines to find the products they want.
  • When a consumer finds you through a search engine they are ready to buy, they are the ones who are already interested in buying the product you offer so you just have to present it to them.
3. I understand SEO´s importance, but can´t I do it myself?
As with everything in life, yes, it can be done on your own. But the end result of a work done by a professional as compared to a novice´s effort is bound to be pretty different. SEO activities require large amounts of time, consistent attention, expertise and dedicated efforts for quality work. Outsourcing SEO is hence a popular and feasible method adopted by many. You can do that too. Let the experts at SeoArea do what they´ve been doing over and over again and have gotten 

Understanding the SEO process

4. What are Spiders and how do they crawl?
A spider, robot, or crawler is actually just a program that follows, or "crawls", links throughout the Internet, grabbing content from sites and adding it to search engine indexes. Unlike real life, as webmasters you should love to be crawled by such spiders so that your website is in the search results of these search engines.
5. How can I get spiders to crawl into my site?
Once you´ve realized the importance of these spiders, you would want them to come in again and again. Know that spiders can only follow links from one page to another and from one site to another. That is the primary reason why links to your site (inbound links) are so important. Links to your website from other websites will give the search engine spiders more food to chew on. The more times they find links to your site, the more times they will stop by and visit. Google especially relies on its´ spiders to create their vast index of listings. Another way you can request a visit by a spider is by submitting your Web pages directly to a search engine or directory. 
6. What are the factors on which my site rankings depend?
Factors are many but the most important can be found below:
  • The competition for your key phrases
  • The overall competitiveness of your industry
  • Number of links pointing to your website
  • How long your site has been on the web
  • The magnitude of your current web presence
  • How much good content is provided on your site
  • The strength of your post monthly maintenance plan
  • The design of your website
  • Finally, it is really important that how well you monitor ranking and how the site is tweaked over time for SEO improvement 

SEO Issues

7. Why doesn´t my Web site rank very well in the search engines?
Having your website rank high in the search engines is a science and the rules for search engine optimization (SEO) are always changing. Here are some reasons why you may be having poor ranking: 
  • Incorrect usage of the TITLE tag or no TITLE tag content. 
  • Too many occurrences of the same word in a page (spamming)
  • Missing H1 and H2 heading tag content
  • Missing ALT tag content in your graphic links
  • No meaningful content in the first 250 characters on each page
  • Less than 200 words per page
  • Very few pages on your website
  • No links from other websites to your website (link popularity)
  • Using automated submission services
8. Do you guarantee listings in search engines after the completion of SEO process?
Due to our experience in this field, today we can guarantee listings. This may be hard for you to believe but we have achieved this over years of experience with our fool proof SEO techniques.
9. Does every page of my website really need to be optimized?
The more the pages are optimized, the better it would be for an overall effective SEO result as every page of a website can be a potential entry point for visitors. 


10. How much should I expect to pay?
The price is normally determined by the scope of effort needed to get the site optimized. Look at our packages page to have a greater understanding. Prices will vary according to the services you want us to employ. Some determining factors for optimization pricing are if the site is static, dynamic or if they have the ability to be edited by end-users.
11. Does the way the site is coded affect the price ?
If the site has bad navigational structures, or is badly coded than we would need to redo the work. We might have to write the code from scratch to have it optimized better and hence that would increase the price due to increased effort. 
12. Does it matter if the site is dynamic?
If the site is dynamic and you want us to convert it to html before optimization, then we will do that for you for a higher price. However, if you want to stick to the dynamic site than we will try to optimize the dynamic site but we do recommend you to convert your site to html by using mod rewrite features to convert dynamic sites to html before optimization. (mod rewrite is a php feature to convert .php and dynamic urls to static urls)
13. Yikes! This costs money! Why are SEO services so expensive?
SEO is a highly-specialized craft requiring much research, forethought, skill, experience and can be extremely time-consuming to implement correctly. However, compared to offline and print advertising, SEO is quite cheap. This will be the best dollars spent in your advertising budget leading to long term results. A great ROI indeed.


14. How long until I see results?
The amount of time required to see results of search engine optimization work depends on your site; the more competitive the keywords are the more time it would take. It could range anywhere from 30 days for existing sites in local or niche markets to 24 months for new websites in a competitive national/global market.
15. How soon until the search engines pick up the newly optimized site?
They could pick up the site within a few hours but we guarantee that in 15 days at max. 

Search Engine Marketing

Web Marketing Research

1. Can you carry out surveys for me?
Of course we can! Web marketing research package includes all sorts of surveys necessary for doing market research for the company in question. We have experienced team with the required knowledge and tools to carry out such surveys effectively and accurately. 
2. Can you coach me or my staff to carry out web marketing research for my company?
Please contact us with the details and a dedicated market research expert will get back to you. He will take sessions with you and coach you so that you can manage web marketing research for your company yourself.

PPC Management

1. What is PPC Management?
With the search engines being thronged by thousands of websites, it has become essential to take concrete steps to not be sucked in the black hole in the www galaxy but be visibly out there! PPC advertising allows you to market your product or service directly to your potential customer base. Sponsored sites appear in highly visible locations in the search results sections of Google, Yahoo, MSN, Ask Jeeves and many other powerful search engines. Instead of searching out your customers through banners, pop-ups and spam, your customers will use keywords to search for your product or service. This is the most highly targeted advertising in history, as you will literally only be paying for advertising to customers that have already expressed specific interest in your product or service. Never before has a global market been so easy to access.
2. Why choose you?
PPC advertising requires constant attention and expertise. A dynamic business domain such as the internet requires a dynamic and critical input. We´ve been in the business and we can start helping you enhance your online image as soon as you place the order. We have experience in successfully launching and maintaining effective Pay Per Click search engine marketing campaigns at Yahoo/Overture, Google AdWords, Miva, etc. Through professional, timely service, we will help you save time and money managing your pay-per-click accounts. Let us help customers find you!
3. What´s the package?
Find details by clicking here.

Link Building

1. What is Link Building?
Link Building is the process of having links pointing TO your site FROM other sites on the web. This is a key element in getting top place on search engines. 
2. Why do Link Building?
Linking matters! If you want online visibility that linking is the key to it. Link building takes time, there are many variables to consider and it needs strong online connections. We have an edge in all these. With the connections we have, we can have many good web sites pointing to yours in no time. This way you will be on your way up in the Link Popularity contest. And remember.. we don´t compromise on quality of links.
3. What kind of links can you establish?
There are two types of links; reciprocal links and one way links. In link exchange process (reciprocal links), you trade links with prospective partner sites by offering a link to their site from your own site. This is easier however is banned these days by Google. Hence will establish the more challenging but rewarding one-way links for you which are ‘Non-Reciprocal links´, so you do not have to link back to the sites linking to you. Search engines love this and attach significant weight to them. We are sure you will love them too once you benefit from the results they bring in. 
4. Why choose SeoArea for link building services?
As link building requires concentrated efforts, professionalism, expertise and good networking/communication, it is often best to outsource this. Given the job, we will perform link building for you. After understanding your business, keywords and competitors, we will research which sites you should be linked to. We will then connect you to thousands of quality (PR4 and above only) websites that have relevant content. This will give significant boost to your rankings in remarkably short time. Also, we only establish one-way links as opposed to other link building service providers. That is a painstaking, time taking task but is better liked by search engines.
5. What are the charges?
Presently, we offer 4 packages: Link Basic, Link Plus, Link Pro, and Link Enterprise. Details of these can be found on

Social Network Marketing 

1. How can marketing be done on Social Networks?
Social Networks make viral marketing or ‘word of mouth´ very easy, effective and massive. There are many people from different geographical locations which you can convey your message to informally yet effectively through social network marketing. This may be done through one-to-one or one-to-many communication. It is the latest, most simplest tool to spread your marketing message on the internet. 
2. Will Social Network Marketing help build brand loyalty?
One of the most important benefits of social network marketing is that it greatly helps in reinforcing customer´s brand loyalty to the brand culture that they associate themselves with. It helps build trust and retain old customers. 
3. Are there selected brands that can benefit from Social Network Marketing?
Social Network marketing is for any one who can provide value to niche communities. Hence all brands should consider social network marketing very seriously if they haven´t already.
4. What social networks do you target?
Depending on the package you choose, we target a variety of social networks. Some of which are:
  • FaceBook
  • MySpace
  • Orkut
  • Bebo
  • Flickr
  • Windows Live Spaces
  • Hi5
  • Tagged
  • Skyrock
  • Friendster
  • Cyworld
  • LinkedIn
  • StumbleUpon
5. I am wary of how social network marketing will be carried out for me?
I want it done in a way that is subtle yet effective as I don´t want network users to think as if my brand is invading them. We respect who we market to, and this is what makes SeoArea different from the thousands of seo providing companies. We have experts who can build, manage and keep alive social networks revolving them around your marketing goals and yet keep it interesting and relevant for others. We can have engaging content revolving around your niche topic, meet your business objective and at the same time support the respective community´s goals. We know how to strike that delicate balance.
6. Can I use social network marketing to elicit people´s views regarding my products?
Of course you can. Simply let us know exactly what you want, and we will have the results for you in an easily decipherable form. This data will be crucial in the future business plans and is an investment worthwhile for any serious businessman. Social Networks are a great tool which help you connect with existing and potential customers. SeaoArea is here to bridge the gap!

Video Production and Marketing

1. Is video marketing for all sorts of companies?
In this age of viral video, Video marketing is an easy, effective and large scale tool adopted to promote your company, its products and services, to provide a brand identity and to interact with consumers like never before. This medium can be adopted by any company catering to any niche. 
2. Does internet video marketing cost a lot?
Actually, it is a very cost effective way to visually and clearly conduct marketing at a low cost, as there are no costs save video production, uploading and promoting it. Once videos have been uploaded users simply view them and keep on viewing them, sharing them. The cost is to produce it and then to have it on many many sites, so that it is everywhere!
3. Can you produce a marketing video for me?
Yes! We can produce a video designed for viral video marketing, with quality content and visuals. Send us your details and a dedicated video expert will get back to you.

Local Marketing

1. What is Local Marketing?
Local marketing refers to the techniques adopted to market a website, product or service to a niche group, a local market. Such marketing may be adopted so that higher success rates are achieved with localized search engine results of Google, Yahoo etc. in an age of personalization and a lot of global influx, wide range of similar products, local marketing has become the way ahead for many a businesses, both online and offline. 

Corporate Branding

1. What is corporate branding?
Corporate branding is about being remembered by your customers, having a strong identity and then maintaining it amongst the sea of competitors who are providing the same products and services. It is all about establishing a long-term vision for a company and crafting the company´s operations to meet that objective. In a global environment such as today, corporate branding has become a must, failure to do can lead to complete failure.
2. I want close communication with the team lead that develops corporate branding for me, will that be possible?
A dedicated professional will correspond with you via email, chat and phone to ensure that he understand your business, its goals and what you want before he gets started. Through constant correspondence during the corporate branding process, it will be ensured that we are heading towards the materialization of YOUR dream. So be assured, you will get what you want.
3. I want a long-term team to help me make and maintain corporate branding on the internet, can you do that?
Please contact us and we will come up with a long term plan that suits your needs. Corporate branding can get splendid results over a period of time with quality, consistency and expertise, so we would love to help you get those results.

SEO Consulting

1. What is SEO consulting?
Often, companies spend resources towards SEO but due to lack of experience and expertise, they do not get the desired results from SEO. SEO consulting is a service which will help you design your SEO strategy and will improve the steps you have already taken in this field. This can also be used as a verification of the techniques you are planning to adopt do that you are sure your efforts won´t go in vain. The goal of course is to help boost your website positioning with improved and higher rankings on search engines.
2. How will you help me?
Experts at will study your website, business and your competition and will then assist you what you may not be doing to get top ranking. Primary areas of concentration include link building techniques that you can use for the site, meta tags assistance, making pages for crawlers, targeting right keywords etc
3. What is the medium you use for SEO consulting?
SEO consultation will be provided on phone. It will be 45 minute phone consultation.
4. Who will call?
Either way is fine, SeoArea can contact you or you can call us at the schedules time. 
5. What are the charges?
SeoArea charges $450 for one phone call for SEO consultation. 

Website Promotion

Directory Submission Service

1. What is Directory Submission Service?
Directories are like internet yellow pages. They consist of listings (website links) that are categorized and usually include a title and description. People visit directories to search for sites relevant to what they are looking for. There are higher chances of better search engine ranking this way.
2. What benefit will I get out of it?
If you are a webmaster and have slightest interest in your business than directory submission service should interest you a lot. Directory submission leads to: Submission of your website to directories will lead to:
  • Increased targeted traffic
  • Being listed in directories will mean that you have more chances of people visiting you when you show up in their search results. People searching for a particular thing have already made up their mind to buy the product; hence you showing up first can just make you the lucky seller.
  • As several or hundreds of websites will be linking to your website, this will cause search engines to crawl and index your website more frequently. M
  • Using varied link anchor text you can increase the possibility of your website being found under these keywords or phrases when they are typed into a search engine. 
  • Being listed in major directories proves your “worth”.
  • It can improve your search engine rankings 
Need more proof?
Try for yourself and see!
3. How many directories can I be listed on through you?
There are approximately 10000 online directories. SeoArea can submit your listings to 2000 directories depending on your package. 
4. Do you offer any packages?
Oh yes we do, please find one that suits you from here.
5. How fast can my site/s be submitted in the directories?
Submissions will be done in the time period specified in the order. 
6. Do you use automated software/scripts for directory submission?
Not at all, our dedicated workers submit all websites manually to ensure coherency, accuracy and reliance. 

Article Submission Service

1. What is Article Submission Service?
Submission to various article directories with original content and link of your website is nice way to get traffic and better back links. This is a key method adopted by online businesses to get higher visibility. We will do all the hassle for you from researching to writing articles to getting registered, using varied anchor text and submission… all for you.
2. Do you offer any packages?
Yes we do. You may please find the details here. 
3. Why choose you?
Our talented writers will write original articles relevant to your business and then manually submit to the top 850 article directories. We also have professionals who will tweak your articles if needed to better suit your keywords. We will use different titles to ensure all the pages get picked by Google and other search engines. We will send you a full fledged report at the end of your campaign to ensure that you have complete info on what´s going on. Above all, we respect your time and our team of professionals will work round the clock to ensure that your articles are submitted in timely manner and meet the deadline.
4. Do you submit all articles manually?
Yes we submit all articles manually as we understand the weaknesses of automated submission.
5. I have articles written, can you just submit them for me?
Yes, we will love to do that for you at a discounted price. Click here for details.
6. What´s the delivery time?
The delivery time depends on the number of article directories you want us to send your articles to.
7. Do you take urgent orders?
No we do not!

Social Bookmarking 

1. What is social bookmarking?
Social Bookmarking is a tool that can help you the higher traffic and higher Pr you have been craving for. It involves linking sites within the various blogs, message boards, forums on social networking websites, blog sites and content centric sites such as Digg. It is a great way to spread your marketing message to your target market. 
2. To how many Social bookmarking sites can you submit to?
Depending on the package you choose, we can submit from 50 to 120 social bookmarking sites. 
3. Can you give a list of social bookmarking sites?
There are many but on top of the line are:
  • Digg
  • Blogthis!
  • Orkut
  • MySpace
  • Slashdot
  • Propeller
  • Technorati
  • Twitter
4. How soon can I expect to see results?
Expect seeing links in major search engines a week after submission. 

Deep Links Submission

1. Why should I do Deep Links Submission?
When you high traffic, more customer and much higher PR, deep links are essential. Deep linking is when you place hyperlinks on a website which point to specific pages or images of another website. Ask yourself, are your website´s internal pages linked the way they should be? Not just the home page..the internal pages? It is important that you lure customer leads to the right page on your website so that they can conveniently get what they are looking for. Also, deep linking will ensure that ALL, not some, of your web pages have high PR. This will increase the traffic to your website in general and give you many many rewards.
2. To how many deep link submission directories can you submit my site to?
We can submit your site anywhere from 50 to 2000 directories. Just choose the appropriate package and we will do it for you.
3. What is ‘Deep Link Percentage?
Deep link percentage is the percentage of all your backlinks (or inbound links) that point to pages other than your home page. Generally the higher this is, the better you would be doing with regards to website promotion. 

Blog Submission

1. How can I benefit from blogs?
Search engines love fresh content and blogs are a great way to produce fresh, unique, search engine friendly content for your site. It will also attract high traffic and increase consumer base.
2. How can SeoArea help?
SeoArea can help you in the blog process from start till end. If you want, we can set up a great blog for you, just the way you want it. Or we can maintain it, update it, give you advice regarding it. SeoArea specializes in blog submission and can ensure that your blog doesn´t go unnoticed. We´ve done it over and over again. Let us do it for you.

Paid Directory Submissions

1. What is the need for submitting to paid directories if I have submitted to free directories?
There are a number of reasons you should go for paid directory submission if you want to carry out serious and effective website promotion as:
  • Paid submissions are added to directories faster than free ones
  • Paid submissions tend to get accepted at 100% ratio
  • Paid submissions are one way links and hence gets higher PR for your website
  • Paid submissions is necessary if you want to be present in ALL directories
2. What sort of a site is likely to be rejected?
Sites which are adult, gambling, piracy, online pharmacy and other questionable sites will be rejected both by us and the directories. Also sites that are still under construction or have very little content have little chance of acceptance. 
3. Can you give me a list of Paid Directories to which I have the option of submitting to?
MySpace is a social networking site where one can connect; communicate with
  • Blue Universe Search Directory
  • CANLink Directory
  • Click4choice Web Directory
  • Galaxy Search Engine and Directory
  • - The B2B Search Engine
  • Link-Pimp Link Directory
  • LinkOPedia
  • Pharos Search
  • Search Monster Link Directory
  • Search Pole Web Directory
  • Skaffe Directory

MySpace Promotion

1. What is MySpace?
MySpace is a social networking site where one can connect; communicate with friends and family through blogs, posts and photos.
2. Can you help me get a targeted audience on my friend´s list?
Sure we can. We have the tools and expertise required to build for you targeted network of friend. Just let us know what sort of people you are looking for and we will do the rest.

YouTube Promotion

1. What is YouTube?
YouTube is a popular website which allows people to upload and view videos. YouTube is reported to have the one of the largest number of member and non-member daily visits that has ever been recorded. 
2. To how many directories can you submit my video to?
At present, we can submit your video to up to 300 directories. 

eBay Promotion

1. What is eBay?
eBay is a global site which facilitates the general public to sell and purchase new and used products. The range of products is massive including CDs, books, crockery, electronics, clothes, hardware, software, antiques etc. 

Press Release Service

1. What is Press Release Service?
A news release, press release or press statement is a written or recorded communication directed at members of the news media for the purpose of announcing something claimed as having news value.

So if you have news that you can´t wait the world to hear, if you want your news to be effectively transmitted and adequately distributed around the net then that is exactly what we do in our press release service.

We will phrase your news, send it to different press distributions centers and your news will show up on many news sites and different newspapers around the world depending on the news content itself. If the news is real good, do not be surprised if it gets taken up by prominent newspapers and TV channels like CNN, BBC too.

What´s more is that the press releases are the most cost-effective way to get the word out!
2. Are Press Releases more credible than ads?
Pretty much yes! When prospects read your ads, they know that the words were bought and paid for. But when they read a press release about your products or service, you´re not identified as the source of the news. So, press releases are much more believable than advertisements.
3. What type of Press releases do you do?
We do all kinds of Press releases such as general news releases, event releases, product press releases, and social media press releases. You name it and we can do it for you.
4. Why should I choose you for providing me Press Release Service?
Being in the SEO business, we know exactly what it takes to make a quality, traffic generating press release. Our text writers write professional press releases which are efficiently distributed all over the major distribution centers on our list. Our news ends up on Google news, msn, yahoo news pages and the like. What´s more, our experts use keyword rich content so that the news shows up on search engines too pulling in higher traffic. What´s more is that our press releases help client in getting high page rank links from our distribution centers which boost the client´s own PR, helping them propel to the top of the searches for their desired keywords.

What´s more is that at the end, we will generate a report for you with links to your news at different sites (like, etc). 1
5. What is the pricing for Press Release Service?
Press Release Service will cost you $400 per release. For more details click here
6. What about the content?
Just order and you can forget about the rest. We will write up the press release for you which will have a 250 word limit (if we do not have to write it then there is no word limit). We will do it from A-Z but if you want anything specific mentioned, or you have the press release already written and you just want it distributed then, we will be glad to do that too.
7. I want you to include specific images in it, how to go about that?
Sure, just email us what you want included and it´ll be there.
8. Are the charges inclusive of distribution service too?
O yes they are!
9. How soon does the press release go out?
The news will show up 48 hrs after you place the order.
10. I need an urgent release? Can you do it?
Nopes! We can not do it earlier than 48 hours as meticulous writing and careful mass distribution take some time. Patience is the only advice we can offer. 

FaceBook Promotion

1. What is FaceBook?
FaceBook is a social networking site which helps people all over the world connect with other, communicate, share messages, videos, links and pictures. Check out FaceBook here. 
2. Why should I market on FaceBook? Why Not?
FaceBook is an extremely successful medium to attract more viewers, more customers and more money. FaceBook is growing at an astounding rate. According to an estimate, around 350,000 new members sign up each day! If you promote effectively on FaceBook then your audience is unlimited! It has surpassed 50 Million worldwide community mark and the site receives 15 billion page views every month. On top of it all, FaceBook size doubles every six months.

So you don´t want to miss out on using one of the most popular medium in todays´ age. Successful marketers are part of the experience, bringing their brands all up on FaceBook

Affiliate Directories Submission

1. How long do the submissions take?
We believe in delivering quality work in a short time, hence the submission time takes from 1 day to 2 days. The time varies according to the package you choose. Please refer to the Packages page of Affiliate Directories Submission for more detail. 
2. How many directories will you submit to?
At present we can submit to up to 60 affiliate directories. It depends which package you opt for.

Script Directories Submission

1. How long do the submissions take?
The submission time will vary according to the package you choose. Please refer to the Packages page of Scripts Directories Submission for more detail. 
2. How many directories will you submit to?
At present we can submit from 10 script directories to 50. It depends which package you opt for.

Shareware Site Submission

1. To how many shareware sites can you submit to?
We can submit from 50 to 800 shareware sites, it really depends on the package you choose.
2. Will you develop PAD for the submission?
Portable Application Description (PAD) is often a requirement for many shareware sites. This standard data format will be developed by professionals at SeoArea if they are assigned to submit the shareware. This way, it will be ensured that PAD meets the industry standards and represents your shareware in the best manner.

Craigslist Submission

1. What is Craigslist?
Craigslist is a central network of online communities featuring free online classified ads such as pets, housing, cars, personals etc. Craigslist has expanded rapidly since its inception in 1995, now being established in over 450 cities across the world.
2. Will automated submission work on Craigslist?
If you want successful results from all the hard work you put in into making an ad and submitting it to Craigslist, then automated submission really do not work. The reason for this is that Craigslist will most probably filter out automated submissions. Automated submissions are a failure also because they may not be placed in the appropriate categories, titles and descriptions and hence not derive the required response.
3. What should I include in the post?
Your post should have your contact number, email. If you want you may include a website address on your post to direct users to it. You may include the price in the post write-up.
4. What about reposts?
Reposts are very important in some cases. Sometimes the need for the ads is not addressed straight away and ad will go down after a few weeks (depending on the country and city). Another reason why you may want to repost is that posts appear in chronological manner, hence if you want your post always on top and to grab most users´ attention, reposts are essential.
5. So how should I request for reposts?
Request for reposts at time of placing the order or email SeoArea in advance and we will get back to you with the details. 

Forum Posting Service

1. What are Forums?
A forum is an online discussion area for open discussion of various topics. It´s like a bulletin board. It provides for an area where users can interact with questions, answers and discussions on a given topic. There are literally thousands and thousands of topical forums online. Each forum usually states the topic and tries to keep the discussions on topic. However, this can often vary from forum to forum
2. What is a Forum Posting Service?
SeoArea provides you with an excellent forum posting service. If you want to add life to a dead forum or you want to have a jump start with a new forum than our forum posting service is just what you need. Our experts will write posts for you so that your forum becomes active and grabs attention from all corners.
3. Why choose you?
Our team of competent forum writers have been in the field for years. They know the art of writing quality threads. They will write pertinent relevant material for the topics you want and will ensure that your forum becomes the latest buzz in the online community.
4. How will forums help in SEO?
At first thought there may seem to be no connection at all between forum posting and SEO. However, if you look at it a little deeply, it can help you in your SEO efforts. How? Well, the more content you post in forums, the more pages Google will pick up, and hence more keywords will show up on Google, and your site will get visitors from Google.
5. Do you have any packages?
Yes! Please check out our packages!

WordPress Theme Submissions

1. To how many sites can you submit to?
Depending on the package you choose, SeoArea can submit to the top 100 WordPress Theme submission sites.
2. What´s the need for WordPress Theme Submissions?
Submitting your WordPress Themes which you have skillfully built would lead top no only the promotion of the theme itself, but will bring you lots of traffic to your website. People love downloading new, innovative WordPress Themes. We will lure them to your site so that you can have higher PR, more sales and more profits. 

SEO Extras


SEO Friendly Website Design

1. What is special about an SEO friendly website design?
An seo friendly web design is the difference between sky-high profits to meager ones- that´s how special it is! Seo friendly web design refers to techniques adopted in website design so as to integrally attract high traffic and spider bots. This in turn will lead to high PR, again more traffic and eventually increased profits. Think about it… what good is your site, if it´s never visited?
2. What does SEO design include?
SEO design includes: 
  • Website optimization
  • Navigability
  • User friendliness
  • Content Analysis
  • Linking
  • Keyword research and use
  • Meta titles 
3. Will you also write content for my site?
Yes we can do that as we have some brilliant professional content writers. Please send us all your details and we will get back to you. 
4. I already have a website, but I am not satisfied with its design, can you redo it?
We will collaborate with you and implement the design you like in a manner which´s SEO friendly. 
5. Will you offer web designs templates to choose for?
We will show you some design template, you can choose to pick one from there or ask for changes and we will make it ‘yours´

SEO Friendly Web Hosting

1. What´s your uptime?
SeoArea provides an exceptional 99% uptime to our valuable customers.
2. Can I expect my page ranks to increase when using your hostage?
You sure can! Our web hosting is designed in a search engine friendly manner, which means that you should be expecting higher PR, higher traffics and more profits.
3. How can I manage my site?
We will provide you with an easy to use control panel which will enable you to take full control of your site and mange it with ease.
4. What about backup?
We provide one click back up facility with all our hosting plans. 
5. What about support, how can I contact you?
We provide 24 * 7 support throughout the year. We are ready to serve our customers at all times through phone or email.

Placing the Order

1. How do I place the order?
Once you´ve made up your mind than the rest of the work is easy. Sign in to your customer account (make one at if you don´t have one). Then simply click the service you are interested. After selecting the package that suits you best and simply follow the easy instructions. The customer account you make at the time of ordering is important as this will facilitate all future correspondence between us and you.


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