W3C XHTML Validation

Making your site look uniform across all browsers and mobile phones is very important. With up to 30% of internet browsing done on mobile phones, it is extremely important to make sure your site is optimized for these types of browsers.
With XHTML validation we will make sure that your website is W3c valid, and also make sure that your site is error free. This can hurt your search engines rankings if your site is not error free, and also makes your site unfriendly for the users. It looks unprofessional if someone visits your website and the pages and content does not look correct. 
Any good coders should write a XHTML valid code but incase you don't have time or need professional service you can hire us. We charge $10 per 100 errors.

Our XHTML Validation Service Features:

We only charge $10 to fix up to 100 errors 
Only $10 for every 100 errors after that
If you want your complete site to be XHTML valided please use contact us form and send us your website URL. We will reply back with total cost and time frame. W3C CSS Validation service enables you to check your CSS code for validity, and warns you if you are using browser specific code. 

HTML Validation is Also Important:

  • As with all languages, there is a proper way to write HTML. We will make sure all of your HTML is in accordance with W3C and uses the correct syntax. Every industry has standards and the web design industry is no different. Valid code will ensure fewer problems with your website and will also cause the search engines to look on your site more favorably.
  • Search engines ignore all invalid tags. If you have invalid HTML on your website then the search engines will not recognize this content and it could harm your SEO efforts dramatically. We will make sure all of your HTML is valid and correct any errors.


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