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One of the most important aspects of Search Engine Optimization is on page SEO. This is often overlooked, and unfortunately can have a big impact on where your site ranks within the search engine. It doesn�t matter how many back links you build, if you�re on page SEO is not done correctly, you will not rank high. 
There are several factors in on page SEO and at SeoArea we will examine all of these factors to ensure you are giving yourself the best chance to rank on the first page. These factors include Title tags, heading tags, keyword density, and Meta tags.
When you purchase our complete on page SEO package, we will examine all of these areas and make the necessary changes. It is a fact that a majority of websites are not optimized properly for the keywords they are targeting. When you get this part of the puzzle right, you will have a much better chance at ranking high in the search engines.
In addition to the areas mentioned above we will also take a look at Link Optimization which examines internal links and back links. It is also important to make use of images and videos for optimization points and we will examine those as well.
At, we do all these and many more like W3C Compliance, Upload robots.txt file and Google Sitemap, Add to Google Webmaster Tools and a thorough approved concept design improvements of complete HTML.

Complete On Page Services Key Features :

  • We will create highly optimized content for your site which will help with your keyword density
  • Title tag, Meta tag, and alt tag optimizations
  • Image and Video optimization
  • Link optimization
  • Keyword density optimization
  • HTML tags usage at appropriate places.

On Page SEO Service FAQ

Do you guys make the actual changes to the site?
Does On Page SEO Really Make A Difference?
Yes while off page SEO is more important, on page SEO makes up about 30% of the equation. If you do not have good on page SEO then back linking will not help.
What exactly is included in the package?
It is a one-time service that includes keyword research, title & meta tag, sitemap creation & submission, content optimization and search engine submission.


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